Community Fundraising Program

Gilroy Express Wash is committed to our community. We offer an excellent Fundraising program for local schools and non-profits.

Make Money for your Organization: Tickets are provided to you at substantial discounts:

Package Retail Your Cost Profit
Ultimate $11.00 $6.00 $5.00
Wash $7.00 $4.00 $3.00

Sell 100 Ultimate Washes and make $500.00!
Sell 1,000 Ultimate Washes and make $5,000.00!
Sell 100 Washes and make $300.00!
Sell 1,000 Washes and make $3,000.00!

Let us do the work. It's much easier to sell a car wash pass then to wash a car. Car wash passes are a great gift idea. Think of how many car wash passes you can sell just to family and friends alone!

High Quality Safe Wash - Sell passes with confidence. State of the art technology is used to wash your car. Our process is the newest, safest, cleanest and fun way to wash a vehicle.

We are Green!
Our advanced water filtration system utilizes substantially less water then washing your car at home. And, keeps water, detergents, and chemicals from entering storm drains, rivers and lakes. Advanced electronics and solar power help minimize our power usage. Paper, glass, and plastic products are recycled.


  • Non Profit Organizations must be locally based, operated, and approved by management.
  • Organizations may utilize program once per year. (Schools may use it for multiple purposes, i.e. softball, football, band, etc.)
  • Program runs for 30 days from issuance of tickets.
  • Additional cards may be issued up to 15 days from program start date.
  • A deposit for all cards shall be made in advance with check or credit card.
  • Reconciliation date must be set in advance no later then 60 days from program start date.
  • Cards not sold may be returned to our office at time of reconciliation.
  • A reimbursement check will be issued within 10 days of returned cards.
  • The N.P.O. and their representative(s) are responsible for issued cards and collection of funds.
  • The N.P.O. and their representative(s) are responsible for lost cards.
  • Representatives must be of legal age.
  • Cards sellers should have sufficient knowledge of our business. This will help in selling and minimize miscommunication. Menus will be provided for product knowledge and to assist in selling. Gilroy Express Wash Process webpage explains our wash process along with other helpful information.

We try to accommodate as many non-profit organizations as possible. However, the amount of organizations and cards available for fundraising are limited. If you are considering the program, please contact us as soon as possible.

Getting Started
Complete the following application. We will contact you to schedule a meeting. Typical response time is less then 5 business days. At the meeting, we will issue cards, establish a reconciliation date, tour the car wash, and answer any additional questions you may have. Please bring your proof of non profit status, ID, and method of payment.

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We approach our Community Fundraising Program as a partnership with local non-profit organizations. We try to keep the program user friendly for all parties involved. Co-operation and communication are the keys to keeping the program a success. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.