Green steps
Green Steps - Purewater

Environmentally conscience, the newest technology was used for water conservation. A full water recovery system filters water allowing us to utilize reclamation water for wash water, pressure pumps, etc. Our computer controlled water management system allows us to monitor water volume and pressure. We use substantially less water compared to washing your car at home. And, unlike using your driveway, our wash water does not go into the storm drain negatively impacting rivers, lakes and wildlife. Our cleaning solutions use less water, minimize waste, and ensure we meet the municipal requirements for water treatment and reclamation.




Gilroy Express Wash -  Green Steps
We use energy more efficiently through innovation, technologically advanced electronics, and eco-centric designs. All-electric tunnel systems, computers, electronic eyes, metal detectors, variable frequency drives, and sensors, which measure your vehicle to the inch, all contribute to significantly reducing utility consumption while minimizing demand on our power grid. These systems, in conjunction with solar power, reduce power consumption up to 30%.

Recyclable containers are provided for all 1-7 recyclable items. Wash water is recycled minimizing usage.

Gilroy Express Wash is committed to protecting the environment one wash at a time!