Our Process
Gilroy Express Wash

Gilroy Express Wash was designed with the customer in mind. Our Express, Exterior Only wash format provides a safe, quality, fast, convenient, environment friendly, and affordable wash.





Our state of art equipment is the Gold Standard in car cleaning. Envirosoft Foam Material provides a safe, gentle, effective way to clean your car. This 2nd generation foam material increases vehicle coverage and cleaning ability while enhancing the vehicles finish.

Wash Car cleaning Process Specialty brushes and hi-pressure water (recycled) target tough to reach areas like wheels and rocker panels. Evolution Top Brushes improve windshield and top surface cleaning. Special attention is given to vehicles with bugs, bird soil, etc. Our mild, rich, cleaning detergents are completely biodegradable and phosphate free.

Spot Free Rinse
The PurClean Rinse System and its effective use of Spot-Free water rinses away mineral laden water allowing the entire vehicle including all exterior glass, chrome, and painted areas to Dry Spot-Free!

Car drying Process A dryer is not just a dryer, especially when it comes to the AirCannon™. The AirCannon drier is engineered with the latest in energy efficient technology, maximizing air velocity performance, while using less energy. 8 air nozzles with a combined 105 Horse Power safely removes water from the exterior of your vehicle. This powerful system in conjunction with our Spot Free Rinse leaves your vehicle dry and spot free.

Paint Protection
  • Triple Foam Conditioner.
  • Polish Conditioner: assists in the deep cleaning of your vehicle.
  • Clear Coat: Protects the existing clear coat finish of your vehicle.
  • Armor All Body Shield RainX - Rainx has developed an advanced synthetic polymer based coating to give your entire vehicle a deep durable shine with the lasting protection you have come to know and trust from the RainX brand.