Gilroy Express Wash

Is my car washable?

At Gilroy Express Washevery effort has been made to accommodate a wide variety of automobiles on the road today. With few exceptions, most production vehicles that have not been modified can be serviced at our facility.

In an effort to ensure the highest safety standards for customers, employees and vehicles, we are providing a

These guidelines are essential for the safety of our staff, customers, automobiles and car wash equipment. If you have any questions regarding your vehicle, please visit us and ask a member of our management team for assistance. Gilroy Express Wash reserves the right not to wash a vehicle for any reason.

Red List (Can not be washed)

  • Modifications and/or factory equipment that results with equipment protruding from the vehicle. Included but not limited to: ski, bike, construction and wheel chair racks, ladders, vents or trailer hitches.
  • Open bed pickup trucks with material or debris.
  • Long bed double cabs or similar.
  • Flat bed trucks.
  • Extra high vehicles exceeding 84'', or 7'.
  • Vehicles exceeding 84'' in width. (H1 Hummers)
  • Wheels/ Tires exceeding 12.5'' width.
  • Cars lower than 4.5'.
  • Dual rear wheels
  • Permanent tri-pod mirrors.
  • Excessive mud.
  • Oil, wet paint, or other substance that can be transferred onto another car.
  • Vehicles with improper wheel alignment.

Yellow List (May be washable with certain precautions. Customer assumes liability)

  • Storage carriers, bug shields
  • Antennas that do not fully retract.
  • Vehicles that leak into interiors.
  • Modified or non factory equipment.
  • Windshields that are fatigued and/or with chips or cracks that may expand.
  • Oxidized or damaged paint.
  • Loose moldings, mirrors, etc.
  • Any previously damaged item.

Green List (Washable under most circumstances)

  • Factory vehicles that do not fall under the Red or Yellow Lists from five years of manufacturers date.